Music and Stress

Everyone likes music, but did you know that music is actually good for you? Good for the listener, good for the composer, and good for the performer. Studies show that listening to music lowers blood pressure, decreases anxiety before a medical procedure or surgery, and lowers stress levels. Mozart, in particular was found to work as well as benzodiazepines pre-surgery. I actually tried that out myself. Before a surgical procedure, I listened to some Mozart. When the nurse took my blood pressure and vital signs, she marveled that I was very calm. Although I tend to be calm anyway, it would be normal to have a slightly elevated blood pressure reading before surgery, but mine was lower. 

One of the things I recommend is to make a playlist of your favorite uplifting songs and listen to it when you are feeling down. It is surprisingly helpful. I also recommend having a positive theme song to inspire you as you work on attaining a goal, finishing a project, etc. Having a calming playlist can be helpful when you are preparing to sleep, or feeling anxious. 

If you are suffering from anxiety or are experiencing fear about an upcoming medical procedure, or just not feeling very grounded, consider making some music playlists to help with your mood and alleviate some anxiety. Speaking with a mental health professional can also be helpful. By clicking on the “Book Now” button on this website, you will see our availability for video sessions. If you are in a different time zone and Eastern U.S. times are not convenient for you, please send us an email at and we will do our best to accommodate.

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